When I Draw !

Salaams, and Heyy there 😀 Page Visitor ! I just wanna let if you, in case if you don’t know. I love drawing, I sketch lots of stuff (Note that I didn’t say “Anything”), I also Draw in Gimp, make comics in KolourPaint, Edit in OpenShot, Snap moments with the Camera, Write with my mind….. And back to the Subject, When I draw I think that someone will like it, I think that Someone will see my Work, I think that someone will Understand that I have a Dream. Possibly no one could care about my Dream, Besides me :P. But what ever about that stuff, to see my Gallery and Website/Blogy/Thingy Please go to http://laylahstories.webs.com/ Thats actually for any1 who Likes reading and of course Commenting 😀 Please it would mean a lot to me ! And not lest but Most of all (Is that what they say ?) , Walaaa http://laylahsrainbow.webs.com/ My Dearest Gallery 🙂 and Psst, If you are a Gal you sure can Join Anytime !!!!!


I wanna Cookie !

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