Silver is Me !

Salaams and Hello there Person 😀 ! I’m Silver (A person who loves the color silver), I am 2 (A person who uses the number too just for the word to), and I am black (A Person who loves the color black along with Silver), I am Silver2black A.K.A.SomePerson, 😀 But what evers, I wanted that Cool Religious Username “NeverReturn” , But it Some how Never Exist some Dear human or Android stole it from me 😐 ! If you wanna know who I am, I am Person. If you wanna know my name, Its….Mmm…Err….. I am Person 😀 !

What is Silver ? Some Beautiful Colour man 😀 !

What is Silver ? Silver is a valuable Jewel Kinda like Gold but a much cleaner (Not rusty Looking)

What is Silver ? Silver is a type of Metal that Silver Loves !

Who is Silver ? Silver is Me !!!!!