HTML Test, Programmer yet ?

I must admit the fact that I have a dream of making my own website and earning the Title “Programmer” some day. Ever since 2009 I’ve been motivated by my brother’s work, He made me more and more positive that I could do the same thing or even better at some point :P. So I studied HTML and ASP on and took my Quiz that appears not to be my final :


-.- I tried my best, There is such thing as becoming a programmer in just three days,

But not for me !!! XDDD, Thanks for your time, Come back next week for more updates 🙂 !


Photograph (Poem)

I used to write, So I felt that I could share some of my Best Poems with you :D!


reaching for time
changing thoughts
no stop motion
to remain inactive
for the sudden moment
or in a state of repose
unplanned for eternal history
but there
bright light released
flashing away time
and never blind…
…Again !